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Discover The iTag4SP, The Data Logger Replacing The TempodSP

Tempsen have released a new data logger, the iTag4SP, set to replace the TempodSP. The replacement single use data logger has improved practical and functional features, designed to provide an enhanced temperature data logger to further benefit the operations of data logger users.

What’s improved with the iTag4SP?

The iTag4SP, the newest TempSen data logger, promises many improved features:

  • A new, detailed LCD screen – the improved display allows for the users to read additional information without having to insert the single use data logger into a computer to access the data. At a glance, discover critical temperature data and details of alarm occurrences.
  • Bigger memory & longer battery life – as well as being able to record for a third of the time longer, you can now collect and save more readings, enabling you to achieve a better picture of temperature conditions and execute data logger changes less frequently.
  • A validation certificate – present evidence for auditors using the 24-month validation certificate! This guarantees that data collected by the iTag4SP is supported. Ensure you start and use the data logger before the 24-month period elapses.

Please see the comparison table below to review each update:

Function TempodSP ITAG4 SP
Visual notification Flashing LED Detailed LCD showing temperature and alarm status
Memory 7200 readings 10080 readings
Recording time 90 days 120 day battery life
Shelf life (Before operation) 24 Month shelf life 24 Month shelf life
Validation certificate N/A 24 month validation certificate
Configuration User programmable User programmable
Dimensions 78mm L x 30mm W x 8mm H 93mm L x 45mm W x 7mm H


What you need to know if you currently use the TempodSP

  • Those who currently use the TempodSP data logger will be offered the new iTag4SP at the same price.
  • Both temperature data loggers are configured in the same software, so the transition will be as smooth as possible. Access the TempCentre on your PC or using the TempSen data logger configurator.
  • The Loggershop team will contact all clients who regularly order the TempodSP data logger to discuss this change and ensure the changeover is seamless.


When will this change of TempSen single use data logger take place?

Replacement data logger: iTag4SP
Release date: August 2019

Discontinued data logger: TempodSP
Discontinuation date: 1st January 2020

If you would like to find out more about the discontinuation of the TempodSP or to discuss which temperature data logger is right for your business, speak to an expert at Loggershop today. Call +44 (0)1929 459 459 or submit an enquiry.