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How To Collect Humidity and Temperature Data Without Entering a Property

Verifying the temperature and humidity conditions within a property with data loggers can help councils and landlords establish what has occurred within a property, review trends and make suggestions.

Multiple properties were furnished with RTR503 data loggers each being deployed at specific risk assessed locations. Periodically an environmental health officer could attend site and using a battery data logger to wirelessly extract collected data from outside of the property.  This rapid process required no additional I.T equipment and enables the officer to analyse the data locally on an LCD screen or on a PC when arriving back at the office. Most important was that the T&D wireless data logger avoided disturbing the tenant at its installed location.


Key Features

  • Collect data from a humidity and temperature data logger outside of a property
  • No need to take a laptop to site, wireless data logger can control and collect data
  • Local analysis
  • Expansion capabilities
  • Real-time data via iOT cloud services
  • Collect data from other parameters i.e. pulse counting kWh meters


Loggershop was established in 1975 with years of quality experience in the supply of data loggers. Combined with attractive pricing and impressive technical specification of T&D data loggers made it the ideal solution for Falkirk Council.

Buy the RTR-503 data logger online at Loggershop, or for more information please get in touch by calling 01929 459459.