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How to Meet the MRHA Temperature Mapping Guidelines with Loggershop

Handling time temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products requires an MHRA wholesaler’s license. One of the many obstacles to overcome is storage conditions and temperature validation within the supply chain.  This includes long term storage in warehouses and stores, fridges, freezers and during transportation in vehicles.  This can become expensive when you factor in the need to perform these tasks in the summer, winter and whenever changes are made i.e. racking or HVAC. An alternative to outsourcing your temperature validation requirements is to undertake them yourselves using our affordable temperature monitoring systems coupled with our free guidance.

Loggershop temperature monitoring systems, or temperature mapping packs, have been compiled to deliver accurate temperature data loggers that are simple to install, operate and manage. They can be used to validate any component of the supply chain over the range of -40 ~ +70°C with custom calibration options and assistance with report templates to ensure you generate a substantial temperature mapping report that fits with the MRHA temperature mapping guidelines.



Key Features

  • Battery powered
  • Easy to configure and deploy
  • Suitable for warehouses, fridges, freezers and now available for supply chain logistics.


Loggershop supplies temperature mapping packs along with turnkey temperature validation services. Additional analysis can be performed in real-time, so please contact us to discuss any temperature validation requirement you need to perform.

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