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T&D Launch New Wireless Data Logger: TR-71WB

The stock has finally arrived, so we can now introduce you to the new wireless temperature data logger from T&D: the TR-71WB! If you’ve used the T&D TR-71WF data logger previously, this ‘upgraded’ version isn’t too different, but there are two exciting new benefits.

What’s new about the TR-71WB:

This new temperature data logger from T&D includes Bluetooth, so all data recorded transmits wirelessly from the logger to the device it’s synced to. This is extremely beneficial for having an automatically updated record of data that accessible of the go on a mobile device.

The second great feature is the updated T&D app that’s free for users to download on iOS and Android devices. It’s been updated to be more user-friendly, and it’s more intuitive. The best bit about these updates to this T&D data logger? It’s the same price as the previous version!

Use the TR-71WB for:

As the TR-71WB data logger is Bluetooth enabled, you can interface with your logger in the field. It’s supplied with two interchangeable temperature sensors, so you can connect your temperature data logger in a fridge with one probe attached, whilst using the other outside of the appliance. The LCD screen displays the recordings being collated by both probes, so you have a visual of the temperature conditions.

Why use the TR-71WB:

Using this T&D cloud data logger, the temperature of temperature-sensitive products can be monitored, recorded and tracked. Utilising the free software provided, reports can be produced for the attention of auditors to provide validation of the temperature conditions. This wireless data logger is ideal for the monitoring of food, pharmaceuticals or warehouses.

Compliant with:
  • 21 CFR Part 11 – collect and store all data recordings
What’s included:

Unlike alternatives provided by other manufacturers, T&D provide free application and cloud storage utilities, free from restrictions or contracts. Other great features include:

  • Globally accessible data – using the free online Cloud interface
  • Networked data & free software – backed up to a local network using free Data Server software
  • Free app – view real-time and historic data using the new, improved app
  • Automatic download – this wireless data logger automatically downloads all data recorded
  • Email alerts – get instant alerts if the temperature drops out of range
  • LCD display – a temperature logger built with innovative technology, the LCD screen is clear and concise.

Buy the T&D TR-71WB data logger online or speak to an expert at Loggershop to learn more about the right solution for you. Call +44 (0)1929 459 459 or submit an enquiry.

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