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Using Data Loggers to Monitor Shipments of COVID-19 Samples

Cold chain data loggers are crucial for safely and successfully transporting COVID-19 test samples. The pandemic has increased demand across all forms of supply chains, yet the most challenging is the efficient transport of COVID-19 samples and vaccines.

Loggershop aims to supply health facilities with cost-effective cold chain temperature data loggers to enable safe and CDC compliant storage and shipping. Learn more about how Shockwatch blood temperature indicators ensure COVID-19 blood sample shipments are transported at the correct temperature.

Why are blood temperature indicators important?

To ensure temperatures do not fluctuate outside of safe margins during the transportation process, cold chain indicators and data loggers can be used to monitor real-time temperature data of COVID-19 blood samples.

Blood temperature indicators will alert you to any temperature issues and make it easier to take action during the most vital stage. This reduces the chance of inconclusive results, allowing medical professionals to efficiently examine blood test samples and thus save time and money.

What equipment is required to monitor COVID-19 test samples?

COVID-19 test samples are time and temperature sensitive, meaning specific equipment should be considered to monitor the conditions where samples are stored during shipping. This equipment comes in the form of a data logger or otherwise known as a cold chain indicator. These can provide accurate reporting during the shipping process and allow facilities to gain full visibility of their cold chain.

What cold chain indicator is recommended for monitoring COVID-19 blood samples?

To ensure compliance with CDC guidelines, test samples should be transported in a frozen state (<-20°C). Alternatively, they can be shipped in chilled temperatures (2-8°C) if delivered within a maximum of 3 days. Cold chain data loggers certify temperatures are consistently within guidelines and prevent delays from occurring throughout the process.

Shockwatch WarmMark® Blood Temperature Indicator

  • The Shockwatch blood temperature indicator has trigger temperatures of >-18°C and >8°C, so users will be notified when a blood sample goes below or above these temperatures
  • Quick and easy pull tab activation
  • Single use
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive backing
  • High quality solution with ISO9001 certification

This Shockwatch temperature indicators is proven to help reduce the false-negative diagnosis of any virus. With a clear pass/fail time-temperature indication, facilities can easily reject any samples that have had their validity compromised.

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