• The uSric-8 data logger is a user configurable, single use temperature data logger with direct USB connection and PDF reporting.

    From £17.00
  • Sold in packs of 20 | Preconfigured, single use, waterproof USB temperature data logger.

    From £310.00 £15.50/unit
  • Rigid probe, temperature data logger, rated to 140°C. Available with 6 probe variations.

    From £385.00
  • Cost effective, shock, tilt, humidity and temperature data logger configured and downloaded via mobile phone.

    From £79.79
  • 24″ Semi-Flexible cable terminated in either a 1.7″ or 4.8″ handled sensor tip, high temperature data logger.

    From £385.00
  • Low cost, 4 channel thermocouple data logger.

    From £240.00
  • The LogTag TRIX-8 is the best value temperature data logger on the market. It contains an Integral temperature sensor housed within robust casing with a 8000 reading memory and clear LED alarm.

    From £17.00
  • Flexible fast response probe, 4Hz recording rate, high temperature data logger. Available in 4 probe lengths.

    From £385.00
  • High temperature data logger with M12 connector for use with multiple probes.

    From £759.20
  • 400°C temperature validation system. Including: ThermoVault Max thermal shield; HiTemp140 M12 temperature data logger and M12 Depyrogenation probe. For time limited operation at temperatures between –200°C to +400°C.

  • Dual probe with rigid, mineral insulated and flexible temperature probe configurations.

    From £675.00
  • The TRED30-16R is a min/max temperature data logger with audible alert and connector for an external temperature sensor, LCD display, 30-day summary, memory for 15’905 readings and user replaceable battery.

    From £69.00
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