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T&D Data Loggers

T&D data loggers are renowned for being low cost yet effective, with free software and online utilities. The T&D range of data loggers can measure most parameters, and we stock T&D temperature, pressure and humidity data loggers which incorporate USB connectivity along with additional combination options including WiFi + USB, LAN + USB, wireless radio and GSM.

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T&D data loggers are specially designed to meet a customer’s demand of anytime and anywhere access to data.

Ideal for flexible and secure data collection T&D USB and Wireless data loggers are based on wireless communication, GSM, LAN, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity and free cloud-based analysis utilities, such as the cloud storage service ‘T&D WebStorage Service’.

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T&D Data Loggers


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB 2 Channel Thermocouple Data Logger

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