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Glycol buffer accessory and temperature probe.


Product Description

CDC compliant solution for operations using medical fridges for the storage of vaccines, whom are required to monitor, collected and reviewed temperature data in accordance with legislative guidelines enforced by the MHRA and WHO.

Opening the door to a fridge will have an immediate impact on the internal temperatures recorded by a traditional thermometer or data logger as the internal 2 ~ 8°C temperatures will be warmed by the ambient temperatures outside of the fridge.  Using this Glycol bottle and ST100K probe combination in conjunction with a TRED or TREX data logger will dampen the reaction time to this temperature change and realistically simulate how stored vaccines would react to this increase in temperature.

Included in the price of this item;


FDA Food grade probe | 65mm medium tipped probe, 3.2mm diameter with 1.5M of cable.


Leak-proof vial cap, easily re-fillable with secure probe that is locked in place.

Requires Glycol and TREX8 or TRED30-7R data logger



Operating temperature range

-10°C ~ +60°C (With glycol fill)


79(H) x 38(W) x 38(D) without sensor installed



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