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The TREX-8 temperature data logger by LogTag features a gold plated connector for interchangeable external probe temperature sensors to collect high resolution temperature readings from -40°C to +99°C. Temperature probe options include thermal dampeners to enable vaccine storage monitoring, bare and stainless steel tips and 1.5 or 3M cable lengths. Requires USB cradle for configuration and data retrieval.

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  • Select probe option
  • Calibration certificate
  • Cradle - Required to download data
  • Bracket
* Calibration takes between 3 - 7 business days Add and customise

Visual Alarm

Green and red lights indicate if collected data is in or out of the user defined (acceptable) limits

Well specified

-40 to + 99 °C measuring range, 8000 readings, 30 sec ~ 60 min sample rate.

Remote Probe

Interchangeable external probe socket with high quality connector


Product Description

Please Note: This data logger requires a LogTag USB cradle and a LogTag external temperature probe.

The TREX-8 is a cost-effective temperature data logger is ideal for measuring several data ranges due to the variety of temperature sensors available. It features the industries best download time with up to 3 years battery life, ‘OK’ and ‘ALERT’ indicators with high and low customisable alarms. Choose from 10 PTFE external sensor probe options to record up to 8,000 temperature readings and extract or analyse data with ease using the LogTag USB cradle and data logger software.

Guidance for using the TREX-8 for vaccine temperature monitoring

Dampen temperature response times with the thermal dampener, a clean and adaptable alternative to traditional Glycol buffers. Following the guidance of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, LogTag created the probe dampener to help in simulating the temperature of vaccine stored within fridges. Buffering the temperature readings helps to avoid collecting transient temperature spikes caused by opening and shutting doors and the oscillation of fans inside fridges used to control temperature.  The dampener, when used in conjunction with standard operating  procedures outlined in the CDC guidance document will help with vaccine storage routines an minimise alarms and impact on product quality.

TREX-8 features

The TREX-8, used in conjunction with a temperature sensor is suited to applications requiring high quality, low cost measurement of air, liquids, tight spaces or surfaces temperature over the range -40 to +99°C.

The LogTag TREX-8 temperature data logger offers faster configuration and download speeds than direct USB equivalents along with user defined ‘batch profile’ configurations that incorporate recording intervals and alarm thresholds.






Usage Type

Multiple Use


USB via interface

Sensor internal or external




Sensor type



8031 Temperature readings

Sample rate

30 seconds ~ 60 minutes

Operational Range

-40°C ~ +85°C

Measuring Range

-40°C ~ +99°C


With recorder case sitting in environmental temperature between 0°C ~ 50°C the rated accuracy is:
Better than ±0.5°C for -10°C~ +40°C
Better than ±0.7°C for -10°C~ -30°C & +40°C~+60°C
Better than ±0.8°C for -30°C~ -40°C & +60°C~+80°C
Better than ±1.0°C for +80°C~+99°C


< 0.1°C for -40°C ~ +40°C,
< 0.2°C for +40°C ~ +80°C




3V fixed battery

Battery Life

900 days


86mm (H) x 54.5mm (W) x 8.6mm (T)

Environment rating



Flashing LED and in report


LED with confidence and alarm flashing function
Push button start
21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Computer Requirements

Windows PC


RTCA/DO‐160G section 21 as category H