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TICT 45 day electronic temperature indicator with optional statistical electronic record keeping.

Pass/Fail LCD

Tick/cross indicates the status of monitored data against alarm threshold

Quad alarms

2 upper and 2 lower alarm thresholds

45 day operation

With statistical data retrieval via optional interface.


Product Description

Factory configured temperature indicator with clear pass/fail indicator that enables you to economically monitor temperatures throughout a 45 day shipment, regularly checking temperatures against high and low thresholds and displaying a tick if temperatures are within the limits of 'Rejected' if there were issues. Evidence of compliance is established when saving summary data using the TICT/TIC20 interface (optional)

Key features

  • 2 upper and 2 lower temperature alarms.
  • ‘Tick’/’Cross’ display shows temperature alarm status.
  • Collect daily minimum/maximum temperature statistics for up to 45 days.
  • Download of statistical data via optional interface.

The LogTag® TICT is a low cost disposable electronic temperature indicator for use in monitoring temperature & time statistics in transport applications of up to 45 days duration

The LogTag® TICT can monitor and record statistics against four factory pre-set temperature limits for up to 45 days, displaying ‘OK’ if environmental conditions remain within limits. If temperatures exceed two high temperature alarm limits or go below two low temperature alarm limits, the LCD shows a ‘REJECT’ alert, indicating the goods require further checking.

The LogTag® TICT is factory pre-configured for one of a range of monitoring profiles. Special profiles are available on request, subject to conditions.

Statistical data can be downloaded using a dedicated LogTag® Interface Cradle and freely available LogTag®Analyzer software.

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Measuring Range



+/- 0.5°C



Sample interval

Factory pre-set between 1~59 minutes


45x Min/Max days
1st activation of each alarm including duration

Alarm limits

4 freely configurable upper/lower temperature alarms.


Alarms and temperature data on display


21 CFR Part 11

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Pass/Fail LCD
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