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Data Logger Systems

Does your application requires a complex data logging system, but you’re not sure where to start? Find everything for building a tailored data logger system that fits your industry and needs with Loggershop. From supply chain to vaccines, temperature to humidity monitoring systems.

At Loggershop, we have all the equipment and expertise needed to help you create your own system that fits your requirements. Including the highest-quality data loggers, our pre-made system kits are perfect for a quick and easy set-up. So you can start collecting and monitoring your data without a hitch.

If you’re looking for something more specific and bespoke, you can create your own data logger system from our range of products. From data loggers for temperature, pressure, humidity, and more, combined with specialist software that gives accurate and up-to-the-minute readings, we have everything you need to get started. For more information on our tailored data logger systems, get in touch.

Pre-Made Data Logging Systems

MadgeTech Data Loggers


Autoclave °C and pressure Validation Data Logging System

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MadgeTech Data Loggers


VTMS – Vaccine Temperature Monitoring and alarm System

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MadgeTech Data Loggers


Lethality Compliance System – Wet and dry bulb data logger

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Data logging systems include a combination of specialist hardware and software that are combined to monitor specific environmental factors. For example, temperature monitoring systems often include specialist temperature and humidity data loggers. They will also often include probes for measuring temperature levels within specific areas, display and power supplies, and software to monitor and record the data.

Data logging systems can be tailored to many different applications and environments, depending on your needs. However, common examples include:

Temperature monitoring systems

Used to measure temperature levels within specific environments where the quality of goods relies on temperature levels being maintained. For example, industrial freezers or vaccine transport.

Humidity monitoring systems

Similar to the above and often used in conjunction with temperature monitoring systems, humidity monitoring systems measure and record humidity levels in an environment. High levels of humidity can endanger both products and people within a space, so keeping these levels in check is highly important.

Supply chain monitoring systems

Supply chain monitoring systems measure and record data within the supply chain (transport of goods) to ensure quality standards are maintained. Items like perishable foods, blood, and tissues can be hugely affected by the environment, which is why supply chain monitoring is vital.

For more information and assistance on creating your own bespoke data logger system, get in touch with Loggershop. You can call us on 01929459459 or send us an enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.