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6 Features of LogTag’s SRIL-8 Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger

The LogTag SRIL-8 ultra-low temperature data logger is a popular offering amongst medical and pharmaceutical facilities, particularly with the current COVID-19 pandemic and the growing need to safely store and ship vaccines. For those looking for a reliable vaccine data logger, discover six key features of the LogTag SRIL-8 here.

1.       Ideal for cold chain vaccine temperature monitoring

The LogTag SRIL-8 has been created specifically for vaccine temperature monitoring within ULT freezers and dry ice packs. Its robust design means this vaccine data logger can withstand ultra-low temperatures in a range of environments, making it practical for medical and pharmaceutical facilities that require full visibility of the cold chain.

2.       Wide temperature range

Another beneficial feature of the LogTag SRIL-8 temperature data logger is that it has a wide temperature range, measuring from -80°C to +40°C. Not only does this make this data logger incredibly versatile, but it is also guaranteed to perform in a diverse range of environments.

3.       Single-use and ‘probeless’

For those looking for a single-use (or single trip) vaccine data logger, the SRIL-8 is the ideal solution. It is suited to trips with approximately a two-week duration at ultra-low temperatures, however it can be stored for up to 12 months before use. A huge selling point of this ultra-low temperature data logger is its ‘probeless’ design. Rather than having an external probe that is used in conjunction with the data logger, an internal probe is fitted inside the data logger to increase precision and ease of use.

4.       Compatible with LogTag software

To facilitate analysis and reporting, this vaccine data logger is fully compatible with LogTag’s free Analyzer Software. Users can easily download data into PDF, Excel or web format and create tabular or graphical data. This ensures regulatory compliance is met across the cold chain and that medical products are safe to use.

5.       Large memory

To ensure vaccine temperatures are monitored at each and every movement through the cold chain, the SRIL-8 can collect up to 8000 readings across its wide temperature range.

6.       LED alarm to prevent temperature breaches

In order to prevent dangerous temperature breaches, the SRIL-8 is equipped with an LED alarm (otherwise known as the Red Alert Indicator). This provides users with an immediate alert in the event that any temperatures fall into the ‘danger zone’, which could potentially compromise vaccine quality. A green LED light indicates that the temperature data logger is operating as usual, whereas the red LED light indicates that immediate action needs to be taken.

For more information about the LogTag SRIL-8 data logger for vaccine temperature monitoring, get in touch with our friendly team. We’d be happy to assist you to help you find the perfect data logger solution. If you’re interested in full-service vaccine monitoring solutions, contact our partner company Wessex Power to enquire.