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The Next Generation of LAN Data Loggers by T&D

The TR-7WF/NW series are a range of data loggers that allow access to your data via PC, the Cloud or by direct communication with a mobile, for easy worldwide access and notification. The range includes models available in WF for Wi-Fi connection to a mobile device and NW for direct LAN connection.  T&D data loggers offer auto upload of data from the TR-7WF/NW range and easy access using their free T&D WebStorage Service, as well as compatibility with the free WSS cloud, an internet accessible remote connection service and the powerful T&D Graph offline analytical program.

Learn more about the TR-7WF/NW range, which includes:

  • The TR-71 WF/NW

The TR-71 WF/NW temperature 2 channel data logger uses two interchangeable temperature sensors to read product vs ambient or the temperature in two fridges or freezers. It boasts a large LCD display and can be powered via mains of battery.

  • The TR-72 WF/NW

The TR-72 WF/NW can record ambient humidity and temperature internally and externally, such as inside an incubator or well recess. It records the data via an interchangeable sensor, ideal for environments where humidity and temperature conditions are critical, but personnel are too busy to manually police conditions. The battery data logger has built in USB and RJ45 LAN sockets to export data.

  • The TR-75 WF/NW

Released in June 2017, the TR-75 WF/NW is a new thermocouple data logger for Cloud Storage. It supports 6 types of thermocouple and can record temperature data from -199°C to 1760°C for any monitoring application including surfaces and furnaces.

Key Features

  • Email alert function
  • LCD display
  • TR71 and TR72 include probes
  • Battery powered
  • iOS and Android configurable

Purchase both versions of the TR-7 series of data loggers at Loggershop online here. For further guidance on which data logger may be best for your application, please get in touch on 01929459459 or email

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