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Proven Ways Data Loggers Aid Laboratory Monitoring

Due to regulatory guidelines, laboratory monitoring is a continuous development. Sterilisation is paramount and the specified temperature ranges must be met. All the while, data must be collected to present and prove that there is a laboratory temperature monitoring system in place, should an audit take place.

Temperature data loggers are used in laboratories across numerous industries and applications: pharmaceuticals, cold chain monitoring, autoclave monitoring and more.

How do data loggers aid in laboratory monitoring?

Laboratories are home to a vast range of equipment, each with specific monitoring requirements. From Loggershop, a choice of application specific temperature data loggers are available to track the following parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Pressure
  • Light
  • Voltage & current

By tracking temperature, any excursions can be rectified, and companies can ensure that temperature sensitive products, such as critical vaccines, are kept in the correct conditions.

One area of laboratory temperature monitoring is autoclave validation. Sterilisation validation data loggers ensure accuracy and reliability, as well as adhering to 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Proven ways: look at our case studies

Our partner company, Wessex Power, work closely with companies from a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals and food, to execute effective laboratory monitoring systems. Earlier this year, they worked with Green Light Laboratories Limited. They required a laboratory temperature monitoring system to monitor, track and record data in their laboratories that is accurate and reliable.

The study: To establish the energy that could be saved by laboratories using freezers with the function to set the temperature.

The data logger: Ten CryoTemp Ultra-Low Temperature Data Loggers were purchased from Loggershop and UKAS calibrated by Wessex Power to ensure they met the internationally agreed standards.

The laboratory monitoring results: The MadgeTech data loggers “recorded the internal temperature every minute, accurate to 0.1C”. By setting up a laboratory temperature monitoring system, Green Light Laboratories Limited could prove and accurately determine the hypothesis they set out to prove. Without a means of monitoring data, justification could not have been gathered.

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