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Temperature Indicators: Supply Chain Validation Solution

Depending on the duration of use, data collection required, and budget determines what type of temperature device is needed. At Loggershop, we supply both temperature indicators and temperature data loggers, so the choice is available depending on what it’s required for.

What’s the difference between a temperature data logger & indicator?

Due to their extended period of use, data loggers tend to cost more. This is because temperature data loggers are typically used by firms transporting products, such as temperature-critical food and medication, to other companies that require detailed reports to prove the shipping conditions to legislative bodies. Our data loggers constantly collect data and upload it to our cloud software, so it’s readily available 24/7 for customers to download to show validation.

Temperature indicators are a cost-effective way to provide simple validation to prove that temperature-sensitive products were shipped in a temperature that is acceptable. Choose from electronic temperature indicators and temperature stickers to provide validation for shipping, cold chain monitoring and supply chain monitoring.


The benefits of temperature indicators

  • Visual verification of a pass or fail
  • No expert knowledge is required for use
  • Rapid identification if problems occur
  • Excellent value for money
  • Can be preconfigured with multiple alerts

It’s been proven that by having a visible temperature indicator that reports the time and temperature of food and pharmaceuticals during supply chain has led to reductions in product waste and quality issues and concerns.

Loggershop recommends:

An electronic LogTag temperature indicator that will record temperature readings for 20 days. If the transportation is under 20 days, choosing this temperature indicator is suitable, rather than spending more on a data logger that is for longer periods of tracking.

This device is useful to track the temperature of a product through the supply chain journey. The ColdMark® low temperature indicator will indicate whether the temperature went below the critical threshold with a choice of trigger thresholds.

Provide evidence of the time-temperature over a 48-hour period during supply chain with this temperature sticker. Ideal for longer durations of transportation, WarmMark® temperature indicator strips are irreversible and seal to packaging by the adhesive back.

Shockwatch temperature indicators like this WarmMark® Duo indicate temperature exposure at two different temperatures. If it goes above 10°C and 34°C the red colour fills the temperature indicator and shows the time spent over the temperature.

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