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The RFOT Data Logger: Wireless Food Temperature Monitoring System

The 7 principles include:

  1. Conduct a hazard analysis for all food production stages; from primary production processing, manufacture and distribution.
  2. Identify the critical control points, such as the temperature, as this can be controlled to prevent a dip in product quality.
  3. Establish critical limits, such as the temperature limits food can be subject to without being affected.
  4. Establish procedures to monitor control of the CCP, such as setting up a food temperature monitoring system.
  5. Establish corrective action procedures
  6. Establish a record keeping system, such as records, graphs and custom reports of temperature data.
  7. Establish verification procedures, such as checks for the food temperature monitoring systems to ensure it has installed and is operating correctly.

The Madgetech RFOT data logger is the most advanced wireless food temperature monitoring system on the market that ensures HACCP compliance can be easily and accurately achieved.

The RFOT is ideal for the meat industry with its flexible yet durable piercing probe in a variety of lengths, it can be used to monitor smoke houses cooking processes up to 100 °C and as an oven, fridge or freezer data logger. The state of the art meat data logger records and transmits internal product temperature readings back to a central computer for instant real time monitoring. It is also completely splash proof and can withstand wash down cycles, with an easy grip handle that’s designed to be tough, ergonomic and withstand the harshest environments.

The benefits of the RFOT meat temperature monitoring system:

  • Monitor for temperature fluctuations
  • Records of out of range data
  • Audit trail for QC
  • Aid with HACCP
  • Evidence of HACCP compliance for inspectors
  • Portable, Remote, Battery Operated
  • Easy Installation
  • Validation system for entire process
  • Wireless Value:
    • Real time wireless data always available
    • Real time wireless alarming available by on screen notification, e-mail or text message

How to check meat temperature

Check meat temperature with ease using Madgetech’s software, featuring programmable critical control points, called ‘cooling flags’ to assist in compliance with USDA Appendix B. Graph annotations, tabular data views and summary tabs make the data easy to digest and analyse. It can also be automatically exported to Excel for further analysis.

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