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The Loggershop Guide to Data Loggers for Food Process Monitoring

What are food temperature monitoring data loggers used for?

Food temperature monitoring is the process of validating the conditions of temperature-sensitive food items to ensure they meet food regulations. Fridge or freezer data loggers are designed to accurately monitor the temperature of the environment to ensure no deviations.

For instances where continual food temperature monitoring is required during the cooking process, oven temperature data loggers are used.

At Loggershop, we supply HACCP data loggers for the execution and validation of food temperature monitoring.

There are four types of food process temperature monitoring data loggers:

  • Can data loggers

Can data loggers are designed for monitoring the temperature inside canned goods, allowing food producers a means to constantly track the conditions.

  • Thermal process validation

Using stainless steel data loggers, the core air temperature of products and packaging can be determined and validated. These robust data loggers are suitable for insertion to accurately plot the heating and cooling profiles.

  • Continuous process monitoring with waterproof data loggers

Wireless and waterproof data loggers that can be used for continuous process monitoring. Real-time data and alerts can be set-up to instantly send a notification should the required conditions change.

  • Oven data loggers

Oven temperature data loggers are designed to operate in high-temperature environments. Both robust and waterproof, these food grade data loggers are available with a selection of channels depending on the validation elements required.

Which environments are food temperature monitoring data loggers suitable for?

Each data logger has set environmental parameters that it’s suitable to work within. The food temperature monitoring data loggers are calibrated to work in one or more of the following environments:

  • Fridges
  • Freezers
  • Ovens

Follow our guide below to choosing food process temperature monitoring for your application. For companies executing larger projects who are looking to save time, data can be collected and validated by an external service such as Wessex Power. If you would like to discuss your project with one of our expert team before purchasing food temperature monitoring data loggers, call us on 01929 459 459.