Thermal Process Validation

Select a data logger..

We stock a range of air temperature data loggers including;
• Small integral rigid air temperature probes which are best for measuring and recording air temperatures.
• Flexible air temperature probes [FP] and fast response [FR] which are ideally suited for use in liquids or when there is a need to record rapidly changing temperatures.
• Pig Tail [PT] air temperature probes which are semi flexible and our 'go to' solution, sufficiently flexible to allow the probe to be manoeuvred into position, but rigid enough to stay where it should!

Do you need a thermal shield?

Data loggers are rated for constant operation between -40°C ~ +140°C, if you are operating outside of this range, a Thermal Shield [TS] to continue your air temperature measurement will be required. Information on these can be found via the [Kits and related products] section on the product pages.

Select an interface..

Use the IFC400 data logger interface if you have one data logger or are happy to rotate your data loggers. Otherwise, the IFC406 data logger interface has 6 ports where each one houses a data logger, so if you link three IFC406 together, you can configure 18 data loggers at the same time.

Configure, analyse and generate reports

Create and analyse reports for simpler thermal process validation. Our solutions enable batch configuration of your data loggers and download options to save your data securely.
Generate detailed reports including;
• Cooling curves and time line analysis
• Statistics inc. Pu, F0, time to temperature, time above temperature
• Tabular report
• Graphical analysis

Thermal Process Validation PRODUCTS

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