Voltage, Current & Pulse Data Loggers

Adaptable connectivity

The adaptable voltage, current & pulse data loggers can be configured and downloaded via the supplied USB cable or with an optional wireless receiver. Set up using the standard bracket either as a stand for temporary installations or securely mount on a wall for long term studies.

Engineering units

The USB and wireless data loggers are connected to sensors and transducers delivering voltage, current or pulse data that can be scaled within the supplied software.

Cloud compatible

When used in conjunction with RFC1000 Cloud Relay your voltage, current & pulse data can be viewed on any internet enabled device via MadgeTech Cloud Services.

Free utilities

The voltage, current and pulse data loggers are compatible with the free and powerful MT4 data logger software which manages historical data, enables users to collate data from multiple data loggers and perform statistical, tabular and graphical evaluations.

Voltage, Current & Pulse Data Loggers PRODUCTS

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