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View the LogTag TRID30-7R Min/Max temperature data logger with built-in temperature sensor and LCD display.

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  • Calibration certificate
  • Cradle - Required to download data
  • Bracket
* Calibration takes between 3 - 7 business days Add and customise

Up to 7770 Readings

Enough memory for 80 days logging at 15 minute intervals.

LCD Display

The display allows immediate viewing of current and min/max /alarm, daily entries over a 30 day period

Replaceable Battery

An inexpensive coin cell battery that can be sourced and replaced without special tools.


Product Description

Please Note: Requires USB cradle interface and LogTag Analyzer software for configuration and analysis (see downloads section).

The TRID30-7R temperature data logger clearly displays temperature readings, critical data and alarm excursions, whilst securely collecting and storing time vs temperature readings for extraction via USB and LogTag Analyzer software.

The LogTag data logger uses an internal temperature sensor and built-in memory and LCD display to automatically perform two functions normally carried out using manual, time consuming methods.

The data logger records a min/max 30 day summary. Instead of manually recording the lowest and highest values using a 24hr Min/Max thermometer, the TRID30-7R records and displays this regulatory required data over a 30 day period, enabling users to periodically scroll through historical data local to the appliance or storage area. For example, measure and store 80 days of time vs temperature data, recording at 15 minutes intervals with this LogTag data logger.

The TRID30-7R is ideally suited for use in fridges and ambient storage areas in hospitals and pharmacies who must comply with MHRA guidelines and prove time temperature sensitive medical products have been stored correctly. The ability to review critical data using the built-in control panel is a unique feature that enables users to review critical information in the supply chain without interfacing with a computer.

The visual display of current temperature and previous alarms is an important feature in “static” applications such as cool rooms and refrigerators. The TRID30-7R can also be used in transit applications where a direct readout of the statistical data is required without use of a computer or readout device.

The display arrangement is designed to show ‘at a glance’ if temperature violations have occurred during the current day and up to the previous 29 days. The display also shows the current temperature reading, the current time, recording status and battery status.

If a reading outside the preset “Alarm” limits is recorded at any time, a “day alarm indicator” appears on the display. A visual alarm trigger is displayed if one or more of the configured alarm trigger conditions have been met. An alarm trigger condition can be a single reading above the upper or below the lower threshold values, a set of consecutive violating readings or an accumulation of violation readings encountered.

Details of any violations can be checked directly by inspecting the statistics history on the recorder’s display or in more detail by downloading the logged data. Logged data can be downloaded via a standard LogTag Interface to the free companion data logger software LogTag Analyzer which provides facilities for displaying data in chart, table or statistical formats and allows electronic archiving, export or transmission of the data in support of sophisticated data management systems.

Pair and address the LogTag TRID30-7R temperature data logger with an appliance or provide a unique name for use in mapping the thermal properties of an appliance or location within a storage area. Set a recording interval, low and high alarm limits and the method of triggering the recording (Button start or predefined date and time) and deploy the data logger using the handy anchoring point (Hole in the corner) or using the optional mounting bracket.  Review the data using the LCD display and collect the data logger for download in the event of temperature excursion or for weekly or monthly audit.  Upon insertion of the data logger into the USB cradle, downloaded data is stored automatically and presented in a clear and concise report which can be printed or distributed via email. Additional analysis can be performed within the software using the graphical, tabular and statistical features.

Unique Temperature Sensor – Although the temperature sensor is internally mounted and protected, it is visible and reacts faster than competitive offerings, delivering a truer indication of environmental temperatures and not the temperature within the data logger casing.

User replaceable battery – An inexpensive coin cell battery that can be sourced and replaced onsite without special tools.

Accuracy and repeatability – Even though the TRID30-7R temperature data logger exceeds regulatory guidance, our calibration department can perform application specific services to enhance the results at appropriate test points.

EU and FDA Compliance – The data logger meets the demands of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 for data security, audit trails and signatures.

Supplied with user replaceable battery.






Usage Type

Multiple Use


USB via interface

Sensor internal or external




Sensor type




Sample rate

30 seconds ~ 60 minutes


-30°C ~ +60°C


+/- <0.5°C between -20°C and +40°C
Contact our calibration department for advice on offset adjustment.






3V user replaceable battery

Battery Life

12 months


93mm (H) x 54.5mm (W) x 8.6mm (T)

Environment rating


Operating Conditions

-30°C ~ +60°C


LCD and in report


LCD and button 30 day calendar Min/Max, alarm summary navigation feature

Computer Requirements

Windows PC


RTCA/DO‐160G section 21 as category H

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