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TempSen Data Loggers

View our extensive selection of TempSen temperature and humidity data loggers ideal for supply chain monitoring. Tempod data logger by TempSen can create reliable data reports for efficient analysis of your cold chain transportation, warehouse operations and last mile deliveries. Purchase TempSen data loggers at Loggershop here.

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Tempsen Data Loggers

Prevent temperature excursion incidents during the cold chain process with a wireless temperature monitoring solution. TempSen Tempod data loggers record data at every step of the chain to provide accurate, detailed data to validate that temperature-controlled logistics were implemented. The wireless connection ensures complete visibility from initial deployment and shipping check-in, through to the final destination, when an automatically generated PDF is created to meet requirements.

Even when set to flight mode, TempSen data loggers still record. Easily download data, stop/start recording and set-up the 5 alarm ranges to be sent notifications of any temperature changes–all from your mobile phone.

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TempSen Data Loggers


Single use User configurable USB PDF °C logger with detailed LCD

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