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5 Features of The RTR507B Humidity and Temperature Wi-Fi Data Logger

Are you looking for a reliable and accurate temperature and humidity data logger? RTR507B precision data logger is a perfect solution for applications where strict control of the temperature and humidity is required, such as storing or transporting delicate items or when performing testing in temperature and humidity-controlled environments.

With the RTR507B data logger, you can measure humidity and temperature and collect your data with ease. Read on to discover five key features of the RTR507B Humidity and Temperature data logger here.

1.      Durable and Convenient Design

RTR507B humidity and temperature data logger has a sleek LCD display and comes with interchangeable high accuracy HHB-3101 °C/rH sensor mounted on 1M of cable. Convenient to use, RTR507B temperature and humidity data logger makes data monitoring an easy and completely seamless process. Designed to last, this robust and durable data logger is sure to serve you for a long time.

2.      Remote Data Access

Remotely access your humidity and temperature data over the internet for free. This temperature and humidity data logger can also quickly deliver data to the WSS online service when used in conjunction with an RTR500B base station.

RTR507B temperature and humidity loggers have a wireless radio communication range of up to 150m (500ft) when used with compatible base units. Simply partner your RTR507B logger with the designated base station via Bluetooth when using an iOS or Android device or via USB for a Windows PC, and your temperature and humidity data will be transmitted from a logger to a base unit. It will then be automatically uploaded to cloud storage or saved to your specified location.

3.      Precise Temperature and Humidity Data

RTR507B data logger will allow you to collect precise and accurate humidity and temperature data. This wireless temperature and humidity data logger is specifically designed to be used in applications where there is a high demand for precision. For example, when recording accurate temperature and humidity data within incubators and stability cabinets.

4.      Wide Temperature and Humidity Measurement Range

Equipped with an accurate data logger and sensor, you can record data at high humidity levels across a wide temperature range. The RTR507B logger connects to a high precision HHB-3101 humidity and temperature sensor enabling it to measure and record temperatures from -30°C-+80°C, and humidity from 0 to 99% RH with superior accuracy.

5.      Long Battery Life

RTR507B wireless data logger is supplied as standard with a 3.6v user-replaceable battery, but it can also be purchased with a long-life battery upgrade or external mains power adapter.

If you want to find out more about RTR507B Humidity and Temperature Data Logger, then get in touch with our friendly team at Loggershop. We’re always happy to assist and will help you find the perfect data logger for your application. If you’re interested in full-service temperature and humidity monitoring solutions, then contact our partner company Wessex Power.