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How Cold & Supply Chain Data Loggers Can Ensure Pharmaceutical Validation

In 2017, the global pharmaceutical industry spent $13.4 billion on the shipment of temperature-sensitive biopharmaceuticals. Due to temperature variation during transportation, the World Health Organisation estimated that around 40% of the vaccinations shipped worldwide degraded.

Due to the nature of pharmaceutical products, there are stringent validation processes that have to be adhered to so that vaccines can be accepted and distributed to hospitals, chemists & pharmacies, which is where temperature loggers are required. These are particularly important for companies that are dispatching these products, as the cost of not using a supply chain data logger is such that running into problems at the end of the logistics journey can’t be justified.

As the statistic above highlights, the lack of temperature validation is a problem that many companies have run in to, but it is one that can be prevented with cold-chain data loggers. Upon receipt of delivery, our temperature data loggers will upload historical data, which is essential for the validation of temperature-critical products such as refrigerated vehicles shipping vaccines, samples and medical items.

What validation can wireless temperature monitoring offer your business?

Initial validation of shipping routes and equipment

Ensuring packaging and transportation is fit for purpose is an important first step in ensuring your supply chain operations will not run into troubles. Typically the task of validating the container and route is undertaken by precise instrumentation in a controlled environment.

Mesa Labs DataTrace MPRF temperature data logger has a rigid taper probe that enables the data logger to collect real-time data in hard-to-reach places.

  • Precise accuracy +/-0.1°C

Supported by an ISO17025 calibration certificate.

  • Wireless battery

Real-time validation powered by a wireless data logger.

Routine validation of the supply chain

  • Meet temperature recording requirements

In addition to collecting temperature and humidity data the Tempsen iTag4rH has a clear LCD display to verify shipping conditions have been maintained in transit.

  • Automated reporting

Collected data is presented in a clear and concise report with pass/fail status along with a presentation of all that happened during the shipment.

  • Range of temperature recording

We have data loggers than can operate in -80°C to as low as -196°C.

Automated validation of the supply chain with route analysis

Minimise human interaction/error and receive regular route analysis using automated supply chain solutions offered by our sister company WP and CHaaS from Controlant.

  • React to real-time issues, enabling users to take action and prevent product loss
  • Remove the need to manage data loggers and data.
  • Receive consultancy advice and make changes to the supply chain to avoid problems.

We have worked with a number of clients to provide pharmaceutical data loggers that provide data 24/7 for precise temperature monitoring during the supply chain process to guarantee the products aren’t jeopardised; read more in our case studies from Alliance Healthcare and TEVA Pharmaceuticals.

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