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Leading Flooring Company Forbo Chooses Madgetech DHS data logger for Rubber Curing

Vulcanization, or rubber curing, is the chemical process where natural rubber is converted into a durable material that can be used for flooring. Forbo Flooring Systems are a global leader in high quality rubber flooring and required a data logger to monitor temperature during the rubber curing process.

Rubber curing requires a constant temperature of 190°C for over 3 hours, a challenge that has been robustly tackled using a Madgetech dry heat sterilization data logging system. By using the HiTemp140 M12 data logger with interchangeable temperature probe and protected by the ThermoVault Max stainless steel thermal barrier, Forbo are now able to collect precise measurements better than 0.1°C for over 5 hours.

Key Features

  • The DHS comprises of a ThermoVault Max thermal shield, HiTemp140 M12 temperature data logger and M12 Depyrogenation probe.
  • Durable stainless steel thermal shield
  • Can operate at temperatures between -200°C ~ -40°C and +140°C ~ +400°C

Forbo selected the DHS solution because it delivered the level of excellence they required to collect high quality data from within an innovative moving curing environment. The Madgetech HiTemp 140 DHS was selected specifically because it is a portable system which can be placed inside challenging environments without fear of sensors snagging or getting damaged when there are rotating components.

Additionally, the MT4 MadgeTech data logger software that comes with the temperature data logger generates profiles and reports including time to temperature, cooling curves, maths channels and time slice analysis along with standard functionality.

Loggershop has supplied data loggers since 1975 and is renowned for providing cost effective, accurate data logging solutions. Purchase the Madgetech HiTemp 140 DHS online or for more information please get in touch by calling 01929 459459.