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Leading Contract Research Organization Mambo-Tox Utilise T&D Data Loggers at Loggershop

Mambo-Tox required a data logging solution that was reliable and easy to use. As terrestrial ecotoxicology specialists, Mambo-Tox simulate a variety of environmental conditions as part of their research studies. Collecting accurate temperature and humidity data within these challenging environments is critical and after an in-depth consultation with Loggershop, found two T&D temperature data loggers to be the ideal solution.

The RTR 500-NW and RTR-503 data loggers were specifically chosen for the company because of their need for a cost-effective alternative to manual data collection. The T&D data loggers display live data and store historical data online for later analysis, eradicating the need for manual checks. The client was also a GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) accredited laboratory and so needed a data logger that was reliable, could be calibrated and the process of data collection could be validated.

Key Features

  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Accessible from any online computer
  • Automatic data download

Steven Vinall at Mambo-Tox commented on working with Loggershop, ‘Loggershop provide a great service, every time.  They listened and gave us tailored advice to suit our needs, quickly and economically.  If there is a problem, they work to resolve it as soon as possible.’  

Purchase the RTR500-NW and RTR-503 data loggers online at Loggershop or if you need advice to find the right data logging system for you, please call 01929 459459 or email [email protected].