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Record GP Vaccine Fridge Temperatures Wirelessly with Logtag and T&D Data Loggers

Loggershop offers low cost data logger solutions which replace the need to manually collect data with a thermometer and clipboard. We stock a range of vaccine fridge data loggers, which are wipe clean credit card shaped devices that can wirelessly transmit data for analysis with ease. Use our wireless temperature data loggers to ensure you meet the current vaccine storage guidelines for GPs.

How is data currently collected from vaccine fridges?

It is standard practice for a member of GP staff to use standard thermometers and a clipboard, or data loggers for computerised data collection. Both options requires the vaccine fridge to be opened regularly to check the data readings, and in the case of a data logger,  would tell them if the data logger has recorded temperatures in or out of range. If the vaccine fridge temperature is within the required range, the temperature data logger would be left in the fridge to continue collecting data. If the temperature is out of range, the data logger would be removed and data downloaded in a computer to understand what may have caused the temperature fluctuation.  In most cases, they are routinely removed once a month for download, ready for a CQC audit.

Loggershop’s wireless vaccine fridge data logger solutions

A more effective and accurate solution for recording vaccine fridge temperatures is to deploy a real-time wireless temperature data logger, which are cost less but are more effective. Once the data logger is placed in the fridge, there is no need for removal as it wirelessly transmits data to a computer and proactively warns of a temperature excursion. Data can be accessed using any device with an internet connection, and analysed using a range of data logger software.


Key Features

  • Time saving alternative to traditional thermometer
  • Simple operation
  • Low cost
  • Real-time and visual alarm options
  • Small wipe clean casing
  • Audit ready data management
  • Detailed alarm analysis

Loggershop has decades of experience in the supply of wireless vaccine fridge data loggers. We recommend LogTag and T&D data loggers due to their accuracy, attractive pricing and impressive technical specifications. We stock the popular TRIX 8 LogTag data logger, RTR 500 Madgetech data loggers and many more.

View our range of LogTag and T&D data loggers and buy online at Loggershop, or for more information please get in touch by calling 01929 459459.