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The Importance Of Humidity Control In Pharmaceutical Industry

Humidity control is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry. Inappropriate moisture levels in the pharmaceutical plant can result in reduced product quality and shortened shelf life. On top of that, it can deteriorate the product making it ineffective, or worse, unsafe for the consumer.

Thus, an efficient humidity monitoring system is essential at every stage of the pharmaceutical process. Including research and testing, manufacturing, packaging and storage.

Effects of Uncontrolled Humidity on Pharmaceuticals

Too high or too low humidity in the pharmaceutical production plant can lead to an array of issues. An overabundance of moisture can compromise the potency and effectiveness of some medicines. It can promote unwanted biochemical reactions and lead to degradation or even toxicity in some products.

Products exposed to too much humidity may also absorb the excess moisture from the air. This can cause the product to cake or become sticky and lumpy. Humidity levels higher than 60% can also create a perfect environment for the germination of unwanted microorganisms. This can result in the growth of viruses, bacteria and mould.

Low humidity can be as destructive to the medications as too much humidity. Excessively dry air in the storage or manufacturing facility can cause the product to dry out, crack or crumble.

Humidity Monitoring Systems

When it comes to medication production, it is the responsibility of the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products. Because of this reason, it is essential to have an effective humidity monitoring system in place during the entire chain of production. Humidity data loggers can help with that.

Relative humidity data loggers automatically monitor, record and report on humidity levels. Humidity loggers are small portable devices that can be easily used both in production and transportation. You can use wireless humidity loggers to monitor humidity and other parameters such as temperature from anywhere in the world in real-time. Loggers can also be set up to send out automated alerts if humidity is higher or lower the pre-set threshold. This will allow for quick corrective action to be taken.

Loggershop humidity data loggers will help you ensure that environmental conditions are maintained and safety and quality requirements are met. They can also help you reduce product loss and save revenue.

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