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How Data Loggers Help Ensure Food Safety

When it comes to food production, food hygiene, safety, and quality are of foremost importance. Whether you are involved with food cooking and manufacturing, storage, or shipping, the temperature is a huge factor that is contributing to the safety of food. Because of this reason, it is crucial to have access to temperature data during the entire process of food production to avoid any potential food hazards and to ensure that everything is functioning according to HACCP requirements.

At Loggershop, we provide effective solutions to food safety and food temperature monitoring with our range of high quality temperature data loggers and indicators. Read on to find out how temperature data loggers can help ensure food safety at every temperature-related critical control point.

Temperature and oven data loggers in food production

Food processing facilities often utilise high temperatures to eliminate pathogens. During such processes, it is critical to verify that the right temperature requirements have been met to ensure food safety.

Food temperature data loggers are designed specifically for these applications and are able to withstand high temperatures used in food production, allowing for continuous monitoring during the entire production process.

At Loggershop, you can find a range of high quality temperature and oven data loggers ideally suited for validating cooking processes.

Fridge & freezer data loggers in storage

Once the food is produced, it is cooled to the required storage temperature. Food chilling preserves the appearance and nutritional value and extends the shelf life of food by reducing the speed of chemical and biological processes. However, if food is not properly cooled or is stored at the wrong temperature for too long it can result in product loss or a product that is not safe for consumption.

Fridge and freezer data loggers are a great solution to the food temperature monitoring in storage and can be used throughout the entire process to ensure that food stays safe and to prevent product loss.

Wireless data loggers in distribution

When it comes to food distribution, it is crucial that chilled produce remains in the appropriate temperature throughout the entire cold chain. Certain types of foods, such as meats, seafood or poultry are especially sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Continuous food temperature monitoring is the best solution to ensure that shipment fridges and freezers are always operating at the correct temperature.

Loggershop wireless temperature data loggers offer continuous food temperature monitoring and send out automated real-time alerts if any temperature fluctuations occur, which allows a quick action to be taken to prevent any food safety concerns.

If you would like to find out more about which food data logger is right for your food process monitoring application then read our Guide to Data Loggers for Food Process Monitoring.

At Loggershop we stock a great selection of food temperature monitoring tools, including a range of fridge, freezer and oven data loggers ideally suited for thermal process validation. To learn more about the food data loggers we supply get in touch with our friendly team by calling us on 01929 459459 or email and we will find the best food temperature monitoring solution for you.