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The Role Of Humidity Data Loggers In Warehouse Monitoring

Many aren’t aware of the complexities of managing and monitoring warehouse conditions. When it comes to temperature and humidity it’s vital that key conditions be met. If not, you could be facing product damage, loss of inventory, or even effects on workers’ health.

In this article, we will explain the importance of monitoring humidity levels in warehouses and how humidity data loggers play a key role in this.

What are humidity data loggers?

Humidity data loggers are designed to accurately measure humidity levels within a particular environment and report back to the user to ensure the correct conditions are being met.

They are used in a variety of applications and usually in conjunction with temperature monitoring. For example to measure humidity in transportation, living conditions, and building services.

What are humidity data loggers used for in warehouse monitoring?

Warehouses are used for storage, processing, and transportation of a large number of items, from food, to medical equipment and more.

Using humidity sensors to accurately measure humidity levels in a warehouse environment is key to preventing product damage. For example, mould growth in highly humid areas is a threat to not only the quality of the products being stored, but the health and safety of warehouse workers.

Similarly, electronics can be heavily impacted by the slightest change in humidity and temperature levels. Excessive humidity (and therefore condensation) also causes rust and accelerates the corrosion of metal parts. By using warehouse data loggers, these levels are presented in real time so that any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Bluetooth humidity data loggers like the TR43A use Bluetooth technology to record, extract and present data on mobile phone applications. Humidity sensors like these are taking humidity monitoring to the next level to make for faster results.

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