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The Loggershop Guide to Voltage Data Loggers

Are you looking for a voltage data logger, or perhaps you’re not sure if your industry is suited to one? Our data monitoring experts at Loggershop are here to help with our trusted voltage data logger guide, featuring why voltage monitoring is essential and the industry applications it is best suited to. Plus, we’ve included an in-depth comparison of some of the best voltage data loggers on the market, helping you to find the perfect solution for your requirements.

What are voltage data loggers used for?

Voltage data loggers are used to monitor voltage output in a variety of industries, for both low and high voltage applications. Working with voltage appliances comes with maintaining a safe environment, therefore a voltage data logger can help a multitude of facilities uphold government compliance.

We stock an array of voltage monitoring devices at Loggershop to meet your exact requirements, including multi-channel and USB voltage data loggers.

What industries most commonly use voltage data loggers?

Voltage data loggers are widely used in both residential and industrial settings. Voltage monitoring is important for use in certain industries that need to rely on a safe, desirable voltage level so that appliances function as they should. Here are a few industry applications where voltage data loggers are of vital importance:

  • Solar panels: Both in residential and industrial use, solar panels are an application that requires sufficient voltage monitoring. This is to ensure that the solar panels are not underperforming or at risk of overcharging, which can flatten the solar panel battery and disrupt use.
  • Battery voltage: By monitoring battery voltage with a voltage data logger, facilities can ensure that batteries are not under or over the desired voltage requirements. This is especially important for industries whose products are powered through batteries, such as electric wheelchairs or golf carts. Through voltage monitoring, these industries can ensure that batteries are working as they should and can increase durability.

What regulations do voltage data loggers help meet?

If your facility deals with voltage-powered appliances, a voltage data logger ensures that you meet government compliance. This is to certify that you are operating safely in accordance with the law. For example, a voltage data recorder can identify where voltage did not reach the sufficient level or went over the limit.

Voltage data loggers can help you meet the HSG85 Electricity at Work Safe Working Practices legislation, to guarantee that all risks are controlled to prevent unsafe working conditions.

Browse our comparison guide below to find the best voltage data logger for your application, including the varying features that each data logger has to offer. For further help and advice about voltage monitoring, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01929 459 459. We will be happy to help you find the perfect data logging solution.