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How Data Loggers Can Reduce Costs for Your Business

How Data Loggers Can Reduce Costs for Your Business

The introduction of modern technology revolutionised the workplace and set in motion a continuous production line of optimisation and improvement. Data loggers fit into this very category and have a huge part to play within current day to day supply chains around the world.

What is a Data Logger?

We have covered this in more detail in our blog here, but to give a brief definition a data logger is a device which automatically monitors and logs environmental data over time. Using sensors or inputs it will record factors such as temperature, humidity, voltage, current, etc (dependant on the type of logger), and compared against its internal memory to determine any infrequencies. With the availability of cloud data loggers these records can be extracted and analysed by a computer or mobile device extremely easily.

5 Ways Data Loggers Can Save Your Business Money

  1. Labour costs
    By automating your operation with data loggers you can cut down staff overheads and free up your business to utilise staff in other areas. Companies often time waste inadvertently by requesting workers to conduct routine manual data measurements. With efficient supply chain monitoring a data logger can automatically transmit records direct to reporting software, freeing up staff time to conduct other tasks.
  2. Decrease Error Rates
    Data is measured and banked electronically with pinpoint accuracy, in this process the data logger eliminates human error which reduces the chance of costly mistakes and the need to restart testing.
  3. Real-time Analysis & Reporting
    With a correct setup your business can systematically capture data and automatically enter it into templated reporting ready for immediate use. The benefit of online data loggers provides the ability to instantly upload and distribute data to other departments or quality checkers. In the past this procedure would require a higher amount of manpower and increase time required within the supply chain monitoring
  4. Increase to Product Quality
    Using precise data readings to find the optimal efficiency in your supply chain can be a direct benefit to product quality. For example, with a temperature data logger you can consistently monitor an oven’s temperature to ensure the product does not burn/undercook. Thus, leading to an increased output of suitable products for distribution and decrease in waste. In turn, having a consistently exceptional product will hold well with customer satisfaction that can lead to repeat sales.
  5. Monitor Energy Usage
    Being able to benchmark electricity usage gives an overview on wasted money. Equipment can be extremely costly if running for long periods throughout a day and not monitoring these costs can lead to massive overheads. Setting up data loggers to pinpoint where inefficiencies lie can identify key areas for saving.

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