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The Loggershop Guide to MadgeTech Current Data Loggers

Are you on the hunt for a current data logger? Our professional team at Loggershop are here to help. Current data loggers are designed to measure the flow of electrical charge within a circuit, ideal for electrical manufacturers and specialists.

Our core range of current data loggers feature four fantastic offerings from MadgeTech, each with unique specifications to suit a diverse range of preferences. We have 4 and 8 channel data loggers for current monitoring, designed to make proving government compliance a seamless process.

If you are struggling to choose which MadgeTech data logger would work best for you, our helpful guide can help you find the perfect one for your next project.

MadgeTech Process 101A DC Current Data Logger

The Process101A current data logger from MadgeTech measures low level DC current, perfect for use in applications that use batteries or photovoltaics. With three measurement ranges available, including 20mA, ±160 mA and ±3 A, this data logger is hugely versatile. It is also designed to operate in deployments over a long period of time, with a huge 10 year battery life and storage capacity of 2,064,384 readings.

This MadgeTech current data logger has other useful features such as alarm systems to indicate when current levels are too high or too low. This allows users to have total control in the event desired current levels are breached, where action can be taken immediately. For simple and easy connection and disconnection to the logger body, it comes equipped with a screw terminal block.

RFCurrent2000A Current Data Logger with USB

The MadgeTech RFCurrent2000A data logger is a popular choice for current monitoring. This data logger is compact for practicality, with a range of sensors ideal for efficient and proactive data recording. With battery or mains power compatibility, this current data logger is suited for use as a wireless or mounted device.

This current data logger with USB technology ensures that you can directly download data at your fingertips. Its useful LCD screen facilitates the monitoring of data in real time and alarm systems can be set with notification via email or text. This means users can act straight away if desired current levels are breached.

MadgeTech CurrentX Current Data Logger

MadgeTech’s CurrentX Current Data Logger is efficient in its operation yet completely versatile, with the scalable channel inputs of 4, 8, 12, and 16 for multiple readings. This data logger has enhanced recording speeds up to 4Hz and 4 million data points designed for the precise collection of mA and Amps.

The MadgeTech data logger software is fully compatible with this current data logger, enabling users to quickly and easily download reports for data analysis.

MadgeTech Titan S8 Touch Screen Portable Universal Data Logger

The MadgeTech Titan data logger has the ability to record universal data including temperature, voltage, and pulse in real time. It utilises 8 input channels and 1GB of internal memory to store up to 180,000,000 current monitoring readings.

This all in one solution requires no PC or downloaded software to work. The high quality touch screen provides historic data at the touch of a button along with real time data visualisation, on-screen alerts, wiring diagram, and more.

To learn more about our range of MadgeTech current data loggers, call our helpful team on 01929 459459 or send an email to [email protected].